Hi there, my name is S.

I started this blog, and plenty of others, because I need help staying focused on writing. With the typical duties of work and life, there are days I just want to slam my laptop shut and binge watch something. But, I love writing, and it’s when I’m truly happiest.  I’m also hoping to get my lousy writing out. You see I took a creative writing course for a few days, and the teacher said, “Sometimes you need to get all the bad writing out of you before the good stuff comes out.” So, I want to get all the bad writing out of me then just maybe I’ll be a decent writer.

If you want to put a face to the name, then I’ll work on getting a picture of me posted, but I’m not keen on photos. I can say that I work full-time, I’m short (5″1″ but my driver’s license says 5 feet), I love pizza, dogs, and I’m a lady though I don’t always behave like one. If you’re wondering about the title “Just Writ,” I tend to forget that I’m not blogging for views, subscribers, or money. Sometimes I forget about the writing when I’m writing if that makes sense, so the title is a reminder to just write. Thanks for reading.